Post-Divorce Litigation / Modification of Orders


Litigation does not come to an immediate halt once a divorce is finalized. Things may change, especially during your children’s growing years. Court orders can arise if prior agreements need to be modified to fit a change in life situations.


Post-divorce litigation deals with the enforcement or modification of judgments entered in divorce proceedings. Disputes may arise after you are granted a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or legal separation. If you are in a situation where your ex has violated a prior order of the court, you may need the assistance of a knowledgeable family law attorney. We can assist you in enforcing the original judgment.


If you are the party that is no longer able to perform as required by the judgment, because your circumstances have changed from the time of the original child or spousal support award, it may be modified by post-decree motion. We are here to guide you through the process. In some situations, such as, being delinquent in your child support or spousal support payments you will need to file a motion in court immediately.


During your children’s growing years, their needs may change or your ability to pay may change. If this happens, you may petition the court for a modification of your previous court order to accommodate this change. We can negotiate to adjust the child support payment, custody, visitation and any other aspects of your previous order that are no longer workable to fit your or your child’s needs. We can give you an in depth assessment of what modifications are possible.

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